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This page is constantly being upgraded as we try to improve our after-sales and community support - aiming to make it the best in the industry. Below you can find a range of documents relating to owning and using a laser machine as well as with dealing with us.


We offer a range of services which can be found below - enquiries for which should be directed to our head office (contact details can be found here).


Below you will find 3 sections:

Documents - Guides, manuals & administration files

Laser Files - useful and sample files to run on your laser

Programs - computer programs for use with our laser machinery


What we can do for you

  • Appraisals

    Our comprehensive appraisal service is a necessity for those who have recently purchased or are about to sell a used laser machine. We can assess the product on it's electrical condition, mechanical performance and operational safety. As part of our service, we will come to your facility to make our assessment, issuing you with a report on our findings.

    Our team at Smith & Huang are always prepared to aid you, in any way we can, to address any issues raised by the appraisal - be it through friendly, impartial advice, or through our repair and reconditioning service.

  • Repair & Reconditioning

    We offer a repair & conditioning service for machines out of their original warranty period. Though initially offered for machines of our own brand, we have now extended this service to any brand.


    As part of this service, we will often conduct and initial appraisal of the work to be done in order to bring the machine up to a standard that we are satisfied with. Because of this, we reserve the right to decline work for repair as some machines can be in an irreparable condition.


    As part of this service we will issue you with a report of our findings and how we have dealt with each issue raised. Depending on the condition of the machine and the extent of the work done, the length of warranty given may vary.

  • Servicing

    Due to the low maintenance requirements of our laser systems, we recommend that they be serviced annually by a competent technician (not necessarily by ourselves) as long as routine maintenance is carried out. Details of servicing instructions can be found below in the guides section.


    We are more than happy to come and service your machine, this service will be charged at our day rate plus mileage (first 50miles included for free) - please see our pricelist for details.


    In addition to this, we offer several tiers of maintenance package for our machine customers. Please click the link below to find out more.

  • Courtesy

    We have a number of machines which we use for demonstration purposes and have been used in the past as courtesy machines for customers pending delivery. Dependent upon situational circumstance, we may be able to afford this service to you should you require it.


    These machines are for a temporary term only and come fully equipped with the latest Smith & Huang modifications and all of the peripherals you need to be operational.



  • Finance

    We work closely with several leasing companies - as such, we are able to offer financing for most customers.


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